Mary Dinah Foundation feeds 500 children daily, targets 5,000 by 2020

The charity organization with the initiative of ‘Food for Thought’, said its organization has put smiles on the faces of more than 500 children in Lagos by feeding them daily in the spirit of love. In its fifth year, Mary Dinah’s foundation, before crossing over into the New Year, visited Christ Church Cathedral Primary School in Lagos Island to extend its hand in school feeding.

Food for Thought is focused on alleviating hunger and poverty by feeding poor children in Africa. The organization actively supports five United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and works in partnership with the UN, and was established in 2014. Speaking at the ceremony, UK-based Mary Dinah, the Chief Executive Officer of the foundation, said “We have now grown to feed 500 children daily, mainly girls to encourage female empowerment and girl child education.

“School feeding is more than just a full stomach, it increases school attendance, reduces absenteeism, improves malnutrition which kills over three million children in Africa, reduces the chances of children being targeted and recruited for terrorism, reduces sexual harassment in children as they are off the streets and safe in schools and increases self-confidence and food security.

“Mary Dinah Foundation and its Food for Thought initiative are looking to feed 5,000 children within Nigeria and Ghana by the end of 2020.” Meanwhile, it was all shades of fun for the children as their peers with energetic cultural dance steps entertained them. The children were filled with appreciation as they thronged around the organizers taking pictures and striking different poses. It goes without saying that FoodforThought made their day.