“Let’s advocate for a better world through the power of art.” Mary Dinah

Mary Dinah Foundation holds a private collection of images taken from refugee camps and areas of armed conflict across West and Central Africa. Our intimate collection of original images, captured from over 60 villages, provides a glimpse into the lives and realities of those affected by war, terrorism, and multi-dimensional poverty. These evocative photographs allow viewers to connect with stories of resilience and survival that often go unheard. Through photographic storytelling, we continue our advocacy in the areas of conflict, food scarcity and malnutrition, with the goal of raising awareness, provoking dialogue, and inspiring change in response to global challenges.

The Foundation is exhibiting in galleries around the world, including London, Paris, Abuja and Lagos. Join us on this artistic journey to make a difference. Explore our collection of thought provoking images and become part of our art advocacy movement. Together, we can create a world where awareness leads to action and where art transforms lives.